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Fairy Tale and Animal Park in Schongau

A very successful project together with the owners to redesign their homepage and the way social media and Google are regularly updated with news and photos. We doubled the clicks and have more visitors in the park!

Magic Dresi

Actually, he is famous all around and does not need a website. He also hardly has any free appointments ... that's just how it is when you do your tasks with enthusiasm! But the new website has managed to be a lot fresher than the previous one and fits so much better!

Röhlich GmbH

Express project, because the old website was simply cut offline and the agency, which should have built a new one already months ago, did just not deliver. That was really fun, because the team Röhlich is a bunch of super-sympathetic and easy-going people!

Daniel Weissenhorn Photography

Greatest passion for photography, master's degree in engineering and an outdoor madman! We are happy to support him and sponsor the website ... and if the photography is to become more, we are ready to further strengthen this career as best as possible online!

Fendt Holzbau + Planung

Design of the website from white paper. Focus on clarity, attractive photos and charisma. A website is a business card, invites you to contact the business or support a good personal impression in the subsequent Internet research of the customer.

Autohaus Huber Marktoberdorf

What can a car dealership achieve in a small town if it combines the possibilities of online marketing with existing activities? Where are the niches that can be filled successfully? How can you achieve the maximum with the least amount of investment?

Praxis für Kleintiere Dr. med. vet. Kronewetter

Intensive and very nice contact to create this new website as soon as possible, so that the customer can start the well deserved vacation and the clients are informed about the absence. Including on-site training so that the customer can easily maintain the website independently.

We know this feeling in your guts that says "I need to change something"... and we know as well that you often need some external inspiration, conviction and support of a specialist to actually make that change.

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