Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Musk Marketing

About us

We are a network and team of specialists and all-rounders.

Everyone of us does what he loves and what he does best. We support entrepreneurs of our area in their wish to get better, win more customers and grow their businesses.

We live our customer relations, we love recommendations and we live the exchange of best-practise and support in order to find the most direct way to work out the best solution!


The process of finding a name started with the dream of a network of freelancers and entrepreneurs, all strong and independant, but all multiplying their abilities by alliance with like-minded individuals.

This is the 21st century and achieving the best results must not rely on ancient organisational (military) structures that enforce outcomes with restraint, pressure and orders. It is though the potential of each and everyone willingly contributing to a meaningful cause!

Instantly the slogan of the musketeers came to mind ("All for one, one for all!") who serve the king (customer!) as individuals (and thus freely and more efficiently) and who join forces with other musketeers when greater challenges arise.

In order to leave room for interpretation and avoid too much romanticism, the short version MUSK MARKETING was selected. Feel invited to think of the great creative force of the founder of Paypal and Tesla as well.



Enthusiastic founder and believer.
Robert is the pushing force behind Musk Marketing and lives his vocation!


Full power - every day!
Blogger, author and social media expert Jana is full of beans and wants to leave her imprint on this planet!


He literally goes the extra mile to capture moments and beauty and his dedication and stamina for his passion are unchallenged.


With the sharp eye for details as well as the entrepreneurial overview on the total project, Vera loves to make her customers morevisible!


Focusing on the data and diving into the depths of the search engines and social networks. Manuel is our and your man for the technology!


Our goal is to support you best in your way and integrate you in our network.
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