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Our first and foremost job is to gain an understanding of you!

We have to fit together on a personal level. We want to believe in you and your way as we don't work for a paycheck, but out of conviction.

On this basis we formulate our advise, lay out the steps and modules you need in order to gain more customers and win potential clients' attention for your business.


Your home page is the first impression you leave with a potential client on the internet - don't mess it up! All we focus on is creating that impulse that turns a visitor into a contact - someone that calls you up or writes an email, a lead you can turn into a customer then.

That's our goal... and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.


You want your home page not only to create leads, but to earn money for you directly and automatically?

Let's set up your personal shop online!

Google My Business

Google is the main search engine even on a regional level and GoogleMyBusiness is your entry and listing in the world's most powerful lead-generating machine.

We register your business, set up your profile and provide you with meaningful information about your businesses clicks and searches.


If you want to control your address and the data connected to your business over all search engines and listings... we have a solution for you that gives you power over your data with one single access.

Google AdWords

Your home page does not come up as a search result for potential clients?

We can help you out, even with a small budget and under full control over your expenses... and the best part of it: you can entirely monitor the results and learn from these insights to make your home page even better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your home page doesn't show up among the first relevant entries for a customer's search? And you don't want to spend money for every click you could gain via Google AdWords?

Well, then SEO (search engine optimization) is the answer to your question. Our partner brings you on page one within 6-9 months!


If you have an openness or even passion for Facebook, then this network holds a lot of great options in store for you to market your product or service to potential customers. We show you how you can make a use of Facebook on a regional level.


Most important on the internet is the visual first impression - even more important than in real life as it strongly reflects on your capacity as a business. Photos that transport the right atmosphere and that bring out the very core of what you stand for are priceless.

Our ideas in this sphere and how we can help - let's discuss it in person!


Motion and pictures - that's human - are a magnet for the eye and capture our attention... let's use this for your business' purposes!


So much put into so little... that's a great logo! Easy to recognize wherever your products and services are advertised for... and a sign that says: This is me - this is what I stand for. That's the magic of a logo! We support you to create your logo and advise on how it should be designed.

Business Cards and more

Business cards and business stationery... stickers, labels, flyers... all you need to connect to your clients offline... and leave a good impression in addition to your online activities!


Now, wwhat do your customers really think about your business? What do your friends think when they are free to leave advise incognito? Do all the people in your area know your business and what they can purchase at your facilities?

Surveys are a mighty tool to find out and we'll support you to get the most out of it!


Regional advertisement on YouTube? Sure... we'll show you how!

Virtual Assistant

Say... how many customers do you think you lose because you are just not answering your phone? How patient are you yourself when you call someone? Do you leave messages on an answering machine?

We have an idea for you to find out and massively improve your client contact. In addition, you win the freedom to call whoever you think is worth calling back... and that whenever you think it's the right time for you!

... and much more

We don't exclude any service to bring you forward and make your business thrive! It can be a training, it could be an event... it could be an analysis of what you do now and how you could possibly improve the processes to smoothen sales... it can even be the search for new personnel...

... it's everything you need to become more successful!